D2Z Extension Poles


Used in conjunction with a system that tilts the pole clamp (whether with our system or a bike with a tilting mechanism), these ergonomic carbon fibre poles will reduce/remove any space between arm and pole for improved aerodynamics. They also provide support to the forearm while riding which will allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable on the bike. They are supplied untrimmed and with pre cut foam for additional comfort.


Our custom angled extension poles use the industry standard 22.2mm diameter tubing for the clamping area meaning they’re compatible with virtually every set of handlebars (although if you are unsure please check prior to ordering). Developed through necessity because other poles on the market were too flexible, the laminate used has been developed to be as light and stiff as possible, while the elliptical shape is more aerodynamic and ergonomic than the traditional round section.

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