D2Z Underarm Ski Pole system (USP)


Example position using a D2Z Hi rise pole and 10 degree angled shim

The D2Z USP is a system of cockpit components, with a patent pending,  that aims to offer a custom solution with UK made off the shelf parts – a combination of ski poles, arm rests, pole clamp, angled shims and risers will help you achieve a more aerodynamic and ergomonic position.  For more information and the prices of these components click on the component links below.


In our many years of helping cyclists improve their performance by optimising their aerodynamics, we have always aimed to fit the bike to the rider. Far too often OE equipment forces you to compromise riding position and fit – and so you end up trying to fit to your bike – you will be lucky to get an optimal position with this approach.

Everything we design has a purpose and we have developed an array of components over the years to help fit your bike to you and ultimately help you sustain an optimal position as naturally as possible.

The cock pit is key to improving aerodynamics. Most aftermarket ski poles are designed for a horizontal clamp, and this tends to result in two contact points: one at the elbow and the other at the grip. This can result in a gap between the pole and the arm and can increase flow separation. We have designed a system that sees the pole sit under the arm creating the following benefits.

  • Reduced drag – With no gap between the pole and forearm, they become one object in the air with no flow separation between them, resulting in an immediate drag reduction of 2-3W
  • Increased support and comfort – The extra contact along the forearm allows the upper body to be more relaxed, increasing rider comfort – for many of our test riders this has been a real game changer allowing them to improve overall performance
  • Improved control – The more secure position boosts confidence and control
  • Better positioning – With increased comfort and control, riders are able to better maintain their optimum position throughout an event


To angle the poles and arm rests together, we use a system of angled wedges (from 10 to 20 degrees), risers and our D2Z pole clamp (or an interface plate if using your own pole clamp) to angle the whole arm rest/pole system. Alternatively, if your bike offers an integrated tilting system, our arm rests and poles can be angled using those systems without the need for our clamps and wedges. Choose either a Hi Rise or Low Rise ski pole, along with a selection of grips which are available to fine tune hand position.


D2Z Ergo Ski poles

The ski pole has the industry standard 22mm cylindrical diameter at the clamp end, and our popular elliptical shape at the grip end. This means that the ski pole can be used with any standard clamp.

Angled shims and spacers

Our angled shims and spacers are designed to sit on a basebar with a flat mounting surface. Our angled shims can be used directly under the arm rests to angle just the arm rests or under the pole clamp to angle the poles and arm rests together – if using this method you will either need to use our D2Z pole clamp or select the angled shim with interface plate. For more information on compatibility see the  Compatibility document.

The System comprises the following components:

D2Z Ergo ski poles
D2Z Ergo arm rests
D2Z Pole clamp
D2Z Angled shims
D2Z risers

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