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F1 Team Theme- Richard Harrison

F1 seems to be a bit of a theme amongst our team - we have two riders working in F1 and Simon Smart spent 13 years working in the industry.  Richard Harrison is under the spotlight this week. I am an aerodynamicist at the Williams Formula1 team. Two questions that...

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Team Drag2Zero – The day job: Matt Smith

In between training and family life, my day job is as a veterinary surgeon. After graduating I spent a number of years undertaking further specialist training to become an equine surgeon. So now I work in Newmarket (for obvious reasons it’s a good place to work as a...

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Team Drag2Zero – The Day Job

For Part 1 of our series looking at what some of our team riders do as their day job and how this helps (or hinders!) their ability to train, we hear from trike impresario Gavin Hinxman, who has now been time trialling for most of his life. For sure some cyclists will...

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