Classic Extension Poles


Our custom angled extension poles use the industry standard 22.2mm diameter tubing for the clamping area meaning they’re compatible with virtually every set of handlebars (although if you are unsure please check prior to ordering). Developed through necessity because other poles on the market were too flexible, the laminate used has been developed to be as light and stiff as possible, while the elliptical shape is more aerodynamic and ergonomic than the traditional round section.

The shape of the pole is designed to sit closer to the forearm whilst achieving the optimal position. In addition to this, the ergonomic grip that fits onto the elliptical shaped bar acts as an adapter to take any standard lever (including Di2/eTap). The poles are available at 5 degree increments between 20 and 40 degree angles and come with a straight grip/adapter (or you can email us to order angled adaptors (10 or 20 degree) which allow for more curvature on the hand).

It is possible to fit a Garmin mount to the adapter, we sell 3D printed carbon filled nylon mounts.

If you require a garmin or wahoo mount to fit on the adapter or directly on the pole please contact us.  (Priced £40).

These poles have been the choice of aerodynamic minded triathletes and time trailers for quite some time now and their diversity means we’re confident that this will continue to be the case.

The poles are made to be cut down to the eliptical section of the pole so that you can achieve the length you require for your riding position. The adapter is then used to ensure you can fit your shifter into the end of the pole. You can chose from a straight adapter or an ergonomic angled adapter. Make your selection at check out.

If your desired angle of pole is out of stock please email us.


In order to select the correct extension angle and adapter type for your application please use the Excel tool available by clicking the link below:

We understand that on some operating systems the pole calculator tool does not work. If you experience a problem with this we would be grateful if you could email us at with details of the operating system you are using and the problem you are experiencing.

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Adapter Angle

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Key Features

  • Constructed from F1 Spec T800 carbon fibre, and laminated with stiffness in mind
  • Untrimmed weight – 160 grams per pair
  • Untrimmed length – approx. 440 mm horizontal extension
  • Elliptical profile for improved aerodynamics and ergonomics
  • Ski poles are supplied with an adaptor made of 3D printed nylon so that any shifter can be fitted to the D2Z elliptical section
  • Cable holes can be safely added around the grip area once the extensions have been fitted and trimmed in the correct position
  • Standard industry diameter of 22.2mm means they are compatible with most standard bikes

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