Miscellaneous parts – pole end grips, pole clamp fairing and interface plate

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Our Ergo poles are supplied with your choice of end grip.  if you have changed your mind or want to try a different grip, you can purchase them here. The grips have an eliptical end to fit over our poles and a circular end for your shifter.

You can also order pole clamp end fairings and bar end plugs here if you have lost yours or failed to order them with your initial order.

All items are sold in pairs except for Sram wireless end part, which is single.

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For improved ergonomics and aerodynamics our ski poles have an elliptical end section. To change this elliptical shape to accommodate your shifter we supply a range of grips or a plug for track.  Our poles come with a set of grips but if you want to try out some different ones, you can buy them here.
Please see the D2Z End Grip Technical Document for more information on the grips available and their compatibility with your shifter.

These grips are only compatible with Drag2Zero Hi and Low Rise poles.

Installation instructions for grip using a Shimano double button shifter can be found here.

Installation instructions for grip using a mechanical shifter can be found here.

Installation instructions for grip using the SRAM wireless blips can be found here.

D2Z Ergo Shimano: Shimano SW-R9160

D2Z Ergo Sram: Sram Red eTap Clics

D2Z Shimano Straight grip: Shimano SW-R9160

D2Z Sram Straight grip: Sram Red eTap Clics

D2Z Dual Straight grip: Shimano R671/9071, Shimano and SRAM Mechanical Shifters

D2Z Bar end plugs – for use with our Ergo poles if you are not using our pole clamp and fairing to provide a neat finish to the back end of the pole.

Convertor shims for BTA – for those who have been using one of our BTAs with our standard arm rests and want to switch over to our long arm rests