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We receive new stock of poles regularly.  Where poles are on back order, we are usually able to fulfill the order within 7-10 days of it being made.  

Used in conjunction with a system that tilts the pole clamp (whether with our system or a bike with a tilting mechanism), these ergonomic carbon fibre poles will reduce/remove any space between arm and pole for improved aerodynamics. They also provide support to the forearm while riding which will allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable on the bike. They are supplied untrimmed and with a set of pre cut foam for additional comfort.  Please only order more pole foam if you require extra sets.

The ski pole has the industry standard 22mm cylindrical diameter at the clamp end, and our popular elliptical shape at the grip end. This means that they can be fitted to any standard clamp. There are two ski poles available:

    • the longer and higher ‘Hi Rise’ pole, aimed at non-UCI positions, this pole has an angle of 25 degrees meaning that with the use of angled shims of 10-20 degrees, you can achieve an effective angle of 35-45 degrees; and
    • the ‘Low Rise’ for UCI riders who need to limit the bar end height and length (non UCI riders also use the Low Rise if looking for a lower position). This has an angle of 15 degrees and again the angle can be increased with the angled shims – we are finding this pole seems to work best with a clamp/pad angle of 10 degrees.  Please note that whilst UCI legal set ups can be achieved with our components, you as the rider are responsible for ensuring compliance.

See the description box below for more information.

We have developed solutions specific to the Trek Speed Concept, Cervelo Aduro bar, Specialized Shiv TT and Specilaized Tri Disc.  For more information please contact us info@drag2zero.com.

To complete your set up with other components in the D2Z Underarm Ski Pole System range click on the appropriate link:


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Hi and Low Rise Poles

Traditional angled poles control hand height by changing the bend in the pole. Increasing the angle in this way achieves the desired height but is usually not optimal for hand angle – pole and hand angle being different things. It varies from rider to rider but usually a grip angle of 35-50 degrees is optimal for ergonomics. With our classic poles we developed different angled grips to change the grip angle to be more ergonomic resulting in an s bend.

The new Hi and Low rise poles have different pole angles but the same grip angles so both are ergonomically optimised.

 Pole angle (without angled shim)Grip angle (without angled shim)
HI Rise Pole2533
Low Rise Pole 1533

For more information and dimensions please see the D2Z Ergo pole technical information document.

Pole End Grips

For improved ergonomics and aerodynamics, our ski poles have an eliptical end section. We supply a range of grips that accommodate your gear shifter, or a plug for track.

For the ultimate comfort, ergonomics and aerodynamics, we recommend the Ergo Grip.  Manufactured from a semi soft plastic material, it only works with the small electronic shift buttons from SRAM and Shimano. This provides a very neutral hand grip which encourages the rider to relax their wrist and hand promoting a slightly curved shape to the top of the hand (similar to the S-bend adapter offered on our standard ski pole). This grip is usually not suitable for UCI applications (see the D2Z End Grip Technical Document for more information).

Straight end grips offer the most cost effective solution and means to attach any shifter to the elliptical ski pole. For UCI applications where reach restrictions make it difficult for the rider to stretch out, we offer short grips for SRAM and Shimano button shifters to give the most scope for maximising the space for the rider. Solutions are also offered for mechancial shifting. Please see the D2Z End Grip Technical Document for more information on which to order. All grips are shown in the photo gallery.

See here for installation instructions for grip using a Shimano Double button shifter.

See here for installation instructions for grip for mechanical shifter.

Complete your set up

For the ultimate in aero efficiency and comfort we recommend these poles are used with a tilting system that will tilt the pole and arm rests together. Our D2Z Under Arm Ski Pole system aims to offer you a custom solution with off the shelf parts. We supply a pole clamp, arm rests, angled shim and risers to achieve this. Read more information on the D2Z UnderArm Skip Pole System.

We have teamed up with 76 Projects to supply computer mounts specific to the contour of our poles.  See the Mounts page for more information

Key Features

  • Constructed of 3K woven carbon fibre
  • Untrimmed weight – 170 grams per pair
  • Elliptical profile for improved aerodynamics and ergonomics
  • Designed for use with a pole tilting system to achieve a range of angles to suit the rider
  • Ski poles are supplied with a grip so that any shifter can be fitted to the D2Z elliptical section.
  • Cable holes can be safely added around the grip area once the extensions have been fitted and trimmed in the correct position
  • Standard industry diameter of 22.2mm means they are compatible with most bikes
  • Made in the UK

Technical Documents

D2Z Ergo pole Technical information including dimensions
D2Z End Grip information

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