Scott Plasma Storage Box

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Introducing the Scott Plasma Storage Box… We know that triathletes and cyclists need to carry a lot of kit and there is nothing worse than having a beautiful bike which has an ugly storage bag attached to it. To complement the Plasma 5 frame we have designed a Plasma specific storage box. Used by Sebastian Kienle and Alistair Brownlee during the 2017 season, the box sits on top of the bottom bracket and is attached to the frame using the water bottle holes. It is designed to fit perfectly with the Elite Crono CX water bottle, but can also be used with other bottles. The placement and shape of the storage box assists with air flow around the frame, improving aerodynamics over no bottle or other non-bespoke storage solutions. The box is large enough to hold an inner tube and small Co2 canister. ┬áPlease note, the storage box is not compatible with the Plasma 10.

Please note that Elite have changed the design of the water bottle since our photos were taken – the bottle is now smooth rather than dimpled.

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Scott Plasma storage box Specification

  • Material: 3D printed nylon
  • Weight: < 75 gms
  • Dimensions: 13cm x 10.5cm x 4cm

Please select according to your frame size:

52cm – S

54cm – M

56cm – L