Drag2Zero .44


Designed for time trialists and triathletes looking to gain unparalleled performance and comfort gain. 

UCI Compliant  

Select your .44 kit below.  Kit includes:

    • .44 pole and armrest including foam and bar end plug
    • optional mounting kit includes universal mounting plate, angled shim and pole clamp
    • optional interlocking risers

Please review our Bike Library for pictures of bikes we have fitted the system to.

Please note that when selecting risers, the base plate in the mounting kit adds 10mm of stack.

Please get in touch with us before ordering if you need to be UCI legal.


Available on back-order

Gen2 Require Mounting kit

only compatible with Gen2 pole clamps

Some bikes require an additional mounting kit. If your bike is not listed and you are unsure of compatibility, please check the compatibility tab below for information on what is required to mount our kit.

If you need to be UCI legal please select your category

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To mount a BTA onto your .44 system please take a look at our BTA mounts

Introducing Drag2Zero.44, the ultimate UCI-compliant cockpit delivering world-class aerodynamic performance alongside uncompromising adjustability. The 2nd generation of the Drag2Zero UCI under-arm ski pole systems ensures maximum aerodynamic efficiency delivering instant savings of up to 4 watts compared to our Hi Rise poles.

  • Reduced drag – With no gap between the pole and forearm and improved aero profiling, .44 poles and your forearm become one object in the air with no flow separation between them.  Combined with an optimised position from the high degree of adjustment offered by the mounting system, body drag is reduced resulting in an immediate drag reduction of up to 4 watts (compared with our Hi-Rise pole).
  • Increased support and comfort – The extra contact between the pole and forearm allows the upper body to be more relaxed, increasing rider comfort and sustainability– for many of our test riders, this has been a real game changer allowing them to improve overall performance.
  • Improved control – The more secure position boosts confidence and control through an improved armrest design and pole form.
  • Increased adjustability – Through our unique interlocking mounting system, riders will have up to 125mm of reach adjustment and 6° of both positive and negative toe combined with a choice of angled shims between 15° to 30°. This will ensure riders can find the perfect level of adjustment. (For more information regarding system adjustment please look at the dimensions tab below).

As used by Vittoria Bussi for her UCI World Hour Record.

.44 Extension Set

(Untrimmed, including extension closure panels)


3K Woven Carbon Fibre



.44 Armrest Set

(including bolts, not including foam)


3K Woven Carbon Fibre


standard – 126g, narrow – 104g

.44 Finishing kit Set

(4 x 40mm, 2 x 20mm, 2 x 10mm, 2 x 5mm, 4 x 2mm, 2 x profiled)


3D Printed Nylon



Grip Set

(straight Shimano)


3D Printed Nylon


straight – 40g

Gen2 Pole Clamp Set

(including covers and bolts)


6082 T6 Aluminium



Gen2 Angled Shim Set

(15°, 20°, 25° &  30° options)


6082 T6 Aluminium


15° – 56g, 20° – 68g, 25° – 68g, 30° – 80g

Gen2 Risers

(5mm, 10mm, 20mm & 50 mm options)


6082 T6 Aluminium


5mm – 20g, 10mm – 32g, 20mm – 64g, 50mm – 156g

Gen2 Base Plate Set

(including covers, excluding nuts)


6082 T6 Aluminium




Angled shims and risers

Our baseplate forms the foundation of the Gen2 mounting system. This requires a flat mounting surface either being your base bar or a proprietary riser with a flat top. Your bike must have

  • A flat mounting surface (Some bikes require a flat mounting adapter plate such as the Trek Speed Concept SLR 2022+).
  • Riser bolt space between 12mm – 41mm
  • M5 or M6 bolts

Please refer to our dimensions tab for more information. 

Bikes we know we fit: (Please email us with your bike and the components you would like to purchase).

Don’t require an adapter kit (can be directly mounted to a flat mounting surface basebars or proprietary risers).

    • Specialized Shiv TT Disc
    • Giant Trinity
    • Scott Plasma 7
    • Scott Plasma 5
    • Felt IA
    • Cube Aerium C68
    • Ribble Ultra TriBMC Time Machine TM01 Flat cockpit
    • Pinarello Bolide
    • Pinarello Bolide TR+
    • Cannondale Super slice
    • Argon 18 e-119 tri plus 2019
    • Felt IA 2.0 Triathlon Race

Do require an adapter kit (Please email us with your bike and the components you would like to purchase).

      For all UCI information regarding the .44 cockpit system please take a look at Drag2zero 44 UCI document

      For assembly instructions please take a look at 44 Assembly Instructions

      For computer mount instructions please take a look at 44 Computer Mount Instructions

      Grip Assembly Instructions

      The true power lies in its combination with a rider. By optimising the profile for perfect airflow over the forearms, Drag2Zero.44 eliminates drag and allows for a more relaxed and sustainable riding position, all while maintaining narrow shoulders.
      High-sided narrow armrests were developed for Vittoria Bussi and her UCI world hour record.  This cockpit system takes your performance to new heights. Experience the difference today and dominate the competition.

      Prototype .44 system used by Vittoria Bussi for her UCI World Hour Record where she attained a record-breaking distance of 50.267Km.



      Drag2Zero Gen2 risers and angled shims with an innovative internal interlocking design that enhances the overall stiffness of the system. This means you can confidently handle greater side loads and increased bending forces, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

      With the Gen2 system, you can now achieve stack up to 100mm, compared to the 60mm stack of the Gen1 system. Upgrade to the Gen2 system and experience the next level of strength and versatility for your cockpit setup.

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