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Garmin/Wahoo mount

We have partnered with 76 Projects to sell a mount uniquely compatible with our D2Z Ergo poles. The range of adjustability allows for optimum positioning for rider to remain aero whilst viewing in a perfectly centred location.

We recommend the mount be placed behind your hands whilst in riding position and angling the head unit for perfect viewing. This will minimise head movement and therefore drag, and helps keep your eyes on the road ahead.

  • Spacers and extra screws provided to allow fine tuning.
  • Standard widths 60mm to 100mm (TT Race mount)/65mm to 105mm (TT Modular mount), 50-90mm (TT Mount 3.0) and adjustable taper.
  • Brackets attached with hypalon hook and loop straps for easy adjustment (can be cut to length).
  • Wahoo (Garmin now only V3.0 – see below).
  • The modular TT mount has a head bracket which accepts various light, camera, battery modules to be attached (max recommended weight of 150g). The insert on top is also replaceable. If you want to add a light or alternative computer module to your Modular mount visit
  • If you already have a 76 Projects mount you can purchase the velcro and brackets that are specific to our poles and swap them out for those currently on your mount.

Modular or Race TT Mount?

  • The modular mount has a replaceable insert for the computer allowing you to switch if you should change computer brand. The base of the modular mount will accept the camera or light modules.
  • The Race mount does not have the replaceable insert or the ability to accept camera or light mounts.
  • Both mounts feature the feet and spacers giving 3 way adjustability.

New for 2024 – TT Mount 3.0

76 Projects have replaced the Modular and Race mounts with the TT Mount 3.0. (Garmin or Wahoo versions available).  The TT Mount 3.0 has a no turn inserts. The computer stays still whilst a lever locks the computer in place.  Clip modules are available so you can mount your Go Pro to your TT Mount 3.0 – Go Pro clip module only works for TT Mount 3.  If you have a Modular mount and require a Go Pro mount, please select Go Pro for Modular. We will continue to sell the Modular and Race mounts until we run out of stock.


Our Projects 76 mounts are UCI legal if used as the only binding element between aero extensions. i.e. if using for example, a conversion plate that bridges the armrests, or a one piece armrest then that is not legal to the exact letter of the law (UCI Event Regulations – Rule 1.3.023 & 1.3.024.). See photo from gallery for more information.


The brackets used on our mounts are specific to our Hi and Low rise poles – they may not work with a round pole.

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