Our overshoes are designed to make you even more aerodynamic and in testing we have seen improvements in performance worth up to 7 watts (no overshoe) and 4 watts (versus a standard overshoe). Made of a stretch fabric they have minimal seams providing a tight fit over your normal cycling shoes. Designed for time trial and road race use, the innovative features and design make these the perfect choice for cyclists that want to take their racing to the next level. Available in black or white.


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Sizing Guidelines

Shoe sizeOvershoe size
38 – 41Medium
42 – 47Large

For as long as our supply chain is not affected, we will be accepting and fulfilling orders. We are taking our responsibility to the people who work for us and those in our local community seriously.  To protect them we plan to despatch orders once a week, so it may take you a little longer than normal to receive your order -  we will send you an email when we have sent out your order. We want all of our customers to stay safe and sane during this really difficult time and believe that cycling can help with this. If you are fortunate enough to be permitted to cycle outside, please do so safely and responsibly following local guidance. Thank you all for your custom.