Gen1 Angled Shim Set

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New for 2023 – 25 deg angled shim now available!

To angle your poles and arm rests together you will need to use either the D2Z Pole Clamp or Interface plate with our angled shims

As pioneers of the trend that has seen increasing numbers of  riders tilting their arm rests, more and more manufacturers are integrating this tilting ability into the bike. For those that do not have such an integrated angling system, we have designed our angled shims to be used in conjunction with the D2Z pole clamp or interface pate to angle the pole/arm rest system. Please read the information on compatibility to be sure that these are compatible with your basebar.    If you are looking to angle the arm rests alone, rather than the poles and arm rests, please see our Under Arm Rest Angled Shims.

You can now also effectively adjust the position of your podiums by using our angled shims and pole clamps with the new Width and Reach Adjustment plates – see here for more information.

To see how to use our angled shims on a Giant Trinity see here.

If you have a Shiv TT pre 2020, to use our angled shims on the basebar you will need to also order the Shiv TT specific spacer which can be ordered here .

For 2023, for riders up to 180cm tall, a Low Rise pole with a 10 deg angled shim will be UCI legal.  For riders over 180cm tall, the 10, 12.5 or 15 deg angled shim with the Low Rise pole will be UCI legal.  For riders over 190cm, you can also chose a Hi Rise pole with a 10 deg angled shim.  Please note that whilst UCI legal set ups can be achieved with our components, you as the rider are responsible for ensuring compliance prior to any event.

Nut options (to fit the bolts supplied with your bike’s bar) * 

You may also require Spacers

We have 5mm, 10mm and 20mm Spacers available, Click HERE to visit the page.

Pole clamp or interface plates (you will need one of these to angle your poles) * 

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We have designed a range of angled shims (10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20 and 25 degrees) and spacers made in aluminium to offer support and stiffness.
Whilst the D2Z pole clamp and angled shim assembly are designed to be at the min height above the basebar, it may be desirable to increase the height and to maintain good aero so we have made matching spacers with the same profile as the angled shims in heights of 5mm, 10mm and 20mm.

How to use your shims

  1. To angle the poles and arm rests use either:
  • the D2Z pole clamp and angled shims in our D2Z USP System. This will allow you to increase or decrease the width of your poles; or
  • your existing pole clamp with the D2Z interface plate and angled shims.
  1. To angle the arm rests only – If you have the traditional twin podium arrangement you can order our Under Arm rest angled shims to tilt just your arm rests.

Please see the D2Z USP Compatibility Document to ensure the components are compatible with your system.

If you want to use your existing pole clamp to tilt the poles and arm rests, our D2Z Interface plate is compatible with most pole clamps with bolt spacing of 20mm-40mm (the D2Z interface plate will only work if you attach risers/spacers by bolting up through the basebar.  If you have to bolt down, for example with the Canyon switchplate, the interface plate will not work and you will need to opt for the D2Z Pole Clamp).  If you want to achieve perfect alignment between all components (pole clamp, angled shims and spacers) use the D2Z Pole clamp and fairing.

We supply a set of M5 or M6 nuts to allow your shims to be attached to the basebar (for a thru bolt basebar).  We assume you have a selection of bolts for attaching the shims as these usually come with your bike/bar.

** SEE ABOVE.  For further details on how the D2Z Interface Plate works please see the Interface Plate Installation Instructions Interface Plate Installation Instructions.

Key features

• Made in the UK from 6082 T6 Aluminium
• Black anodized
• Angled shims available in 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5 or 20 degrees
• Spacers available in 5mm, 10mm and 20mm
• Angled shims and spacers share the same profile
• See D2Z USP Compatability Document for compatibility and here for dimensions
• Supplied as a pair with square nuts (M5 & M6) to attach to the bolt that will have been supplied with your bike for attachment. Please specify M5 or M6 when ordering.


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