Underarm Ski Pole System sets and Bike Specific Solutions

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This is where you can order the USP System:

  • as a set for a standard twin podium bike (see here for compatibility information); and
  • for the following bikes that either have a mono podium or for which we have developed specific solutions: Specialized Shiv Disc Tri (mono podium), Specialized TT (dual podium pre 2020), Canyon Speedmax pre 2019, Canyon Speedmax 2019-2020, Canyon Speedmax 2022, Trek Speed Concept (pre 2022 model), Cervelo P5 with 3T Aduro bar, Cervelo P5, Factor Slick and Scott Plasma 6.  To be certain this solution is suitable for your bike please see the information below and photos of installations.

If you are looking to use our USP system on a twin podium bike and need to adjust your reach or podium width, head over to the Width and Reach Adjustment Plates page where you can see what solutions we have developed to solve this issue.

Ordering a kit from this page attracts a 10% discount over ordering the items individually.  This discount is automatically included in the price.

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Each kit ordered on this page comprises the following:

For more information about each of the components included in the kits, head over to the specific product pages by clicking on the links above.

Bike Specific Solutions

Consisting of one or two plates mounted on your bike’s basebar or risers, our solutions provide multiple position options allowing you to fit the bike to your riding position, rather than you having to adapt to fit the bike.

For further information, click on the bikes below and also see the picture gallery

**All parts detailed in information guides are to be fitted**