10 years’ experience has told us that whilst every client has the same goal – to be the fastest they can be – each one of them is different and how they achieve that goal will vary.

We want to help you find that aerodynamic / biomechanical sweet spot and be the fastest that you can.

With our range of AERO FIT services, anyone wanting to go faster on their bike will find something to suit them.


A range of industry leading, aerodynamically tested and developed products, available to buy from our online store.

Including ENVE wheels and parts, PLASMA storage box, overshoes, chainrings, armrests/poles and shims.


We’ve been behind quite a few famous, trend setting products in the cycling world, such as SMART ENVE SYSTEM WHEELS, the SCOTT FOIL, the SCOTT PLASMA and the GIANT TRINITY ADVANCED, as well as extensive skin suit development with ENDURA.

Furthermore, we act as technical consultants to pro tour teams, advising them on all things aerodynamic, including their clothing.


Since Drag2Zero was established in 2007, we have been using tools such as wind tunnels and CFD to aerodynamically optimise the system that is a cyclist and his/her equipment.

Industry leading aerodynamicist Simon Smart is at the forefront of the D2Z success and is continuously pushing the boundaries for what is possible in cycle sport through his product development work with Endura, Enve and Scott.


We want to help you find that aerodynamic/biomechanical sweet spot and be the fastest that you can. With our range of D2Z AERO FIT services, anyone wanting to go faster on their bike will find something to suit them. From those just starting out in time trialling or triathlon to those competing at national championships or as an age group podium contender, we have a service that can be tailored to your requirements to help you achieve your goals.

We can advise on the right package for you and all bookings are followed up with a phone consultation and session briefing. We have a set number of sessions available so advance booking is essential.


Retul D2Z

Aimed at people who are still learning how to ride a good sustainable aero position or for those who do not want the expense of a wind tunnel test.

Our Studio AERO FIT uses our in-house Aerotools, experience in aerodynamically optimising positions and Retul® to help you find your optimium and most efficient position.


Retul D2Z

If you find that you cannot produce power in your position, or you have great power but you are not aero enough, then a session in the studio will be invaluable prior to any wind tunnel time to analyse and advise on positions we believe would improve your aerodynamics and biomechanics.

This service is for those wanting to validate the position changes we recommend during the studio fit in the wind tunnel.


Retul D2Z

This wind-tunnel only option is for those looking for marginal gains improvements,
focusing on those fine tune position changes.

Equipment can be tested, although this is time consuming - we are experts in product design and can happily advise on equipment during your session so we find that often money is better spent working on position.

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(Nov 17) Simon.  What can I say....huge thanks for everything you and the team did for me today. I'm over the moon and can't thank you enough. Honestly you were great!  You've done your bit that's for sure, so now it's down to me to take this to the road. I like a challenge and pride myself on perfection so here's hoping for a faster season next year!  I will keep you posted with how it goes and will check the website on a regular basis for any go faster goodies.  I'll be back next year mate.  Once again, huge thanks I'm very grateful....D2Z are a class act! Lewis 👌👊
Oct 17  "Just a quick note to say many thanks for last night! Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Rob, George and Simon were all excellent! Fantastic service and attention to detail. Highly reccomend this to anyone thats for sure :-)"
"Just thought I'd let you know how the season went. For one reason or another I didn't get to ride too many 25s but still managed to shave almost five minutes off my PB.  I'm sure a large slice of that was down to my session at the tunnel!"
"Hi Guys, another PB today after the latest fit, I know if would not have been possible without your help."
Ken T  
“Thought you may be interested in my first race in the new position after last weeks session.  I rode the e2/10 course last night and three weeks ago. It was cooler and more windy last night but I went 16 seconds quicker off the same power. I seemed about 30s to the good compared to other riders this time to 3 weeks ago.  So all looks positive! Thanks again for a great session.”
“I am writing to thank you for the quality of service by Drag 2 Zero earlier today. I sincerely appreciate your help and assistance today with my Aero Bikefit! The level of expertise demonstrated was representative of your professionalism and passion for the sport. You have a great set up and the enthusiasm emanating from within is why you are so busy. Long may it continue”.
“Just a quick email to thank Simon and his colleagues for their help, advice and patience at the wind tunnel yesterday. For me it was a great experience, I learned a lot and am absolutely delighted with what we achieved.  As you may know I was somewhat apprehensive, given my level and experience, at coming along but I had no need to be concerned.  I was treated like a pro!"


Wind tunnel testing is one of the most cost effective ways of improving your performance. An average rider travelling at 40 KPH will have 2kg of drag pulling him/her backwards. You can train hard to produce more power to overcome this, or you can optimize your body position and equipment choices in our bike wind tunnel… which may be the single best way of reducing drag and increasing performance.

D2Z runs aerodynamic testing from both the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One scale wind tunnel in Brackley, Northamptonshire, and our heritage location at Shrivenham, Wiltshire. Each has it’s own unique properties and advantages depending on the test requirements.

Your position will be analysed by Simon Smart who will work with you during your session to identify the right compromise between aero, power output and comfort. With his experience of working with countless professionals and amateurs, he is able to maximise your time in the cycle wind tunnel to advise on what he believes will work for your body shape. At least one mechanic will be on hand to attend to any equipment changes that may be needed.

SPEED 45 kph Max 72 Kph, normal test speed 50kph
YAW ANGLE 0 0-15 degrees
JET Closed Jet Open Jet, providing lower blockage levels than closed jet to simulate real world conditions more closely
COST £300/hour £560/hour
A minimum 2.5 hour session is required for a first visit to the wind tunnel unless taken as part of one of our Studio combined Aerofit packages.
SPEED 45 kph
JET Closed Jet
COST £300/hour
SPEED Max 72 Kph, normal test speed 50kph
YAW ANGLE 0-15 degrees
JET Open Jet, providing lower blockage levels than closed jet to simulate real world conditions more closely
COST £560/hour
A minimum 2.5 hour session is required for a first visit to the wind tunnel unless taken as part of one of our Studio combined Aerofit packages.
Bike wind tunnel


Drag2Zero provides technical and aerodynamic consultancy services to the cycle industry, pro tour teams and professional triathletes.

With extensive knowledge of all things aero relating to cycling performance, a team led by industry leading aerodynamicist Simon Smart can aid with the development of innovative performance focussed products. Using state of the art wind tunnels, CFD and rapid prototyping techniques, we have been involved in the design of ground breaking, trend setting products.

While working as an aerodynamicist for Red Bull Racing, Simon Smart identified through his own participation in cycling that aero was the future for the cycle industry. In 2007 he left the world of motorsport to establish Drag2Zero, focussing on helping cyclists go faster through advising on their riding position and the products they use.

Simon has been recognised as one of the most influential people in the bike industry, being responsible for the design of a number of record breaking products as well as helping some of the highest performing pro athletes go faster.

  • Using state of the art wind tunnels, CFD analysis packages and rapid prototyping techniques we analyse how air flow impacts on products and riders to derive the most optimised cycling products.
  • We have assisted in the design of two of the most aerodynamically optimised bikes in the world – the GIANT TRINITY and the SCOTT PLASMA (3, 4 and 5).
  • We have worked in partnership with ENVE Composites to develop the enormously successful SMART ENVE SYSTEM range of aero wheels and components.
  • Our extensive work with ENDURA has led to some of the fastest time trial clothing available, optimising not only fabric choice but fit too.
  • We act as technical consultants to pro tour teams, advising them on all things aerodynamic.


To discuss our products and services in more detail or book an Aero Bikefit session, please get in touch.


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