Aero Chain Rings

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Hard anodised aluminium aero chainrings.

10, 11 and 12-speed chain compatible!

If the chainring you require is out of stock please email us and we will notify you regarding lead time.

For compatibility please check our Chainring Templates V2 document.

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Manufactured in the UK from 6082 aluminium and hard anodised, these circular aero chainrings are specifically designed for use with a single front ring (e.g. 1 x 11) without a front derailleur, which in our testing can give you gains of at least 2.5 watts.

The narrow/wide raised teeth design reduces the risk of chain drop. Available with 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 or 62 teeth and 4 bolt Shimano or 5 bolts (110 & 130 BCD).

The challenge with any chain ring is to ensure that it holds the chain as securely as possible to avoid chain drop but at the same time minimise contact (to maximise efficiency). In removing the front derailleur to improve aerodynamics, the chain angle is increased making this even more of a challenge, particularly when the lower gears are used. To counter these issues the teeth on our chain rings are higher than a conventional ring and have an increased chamfer to reduce noise and friction.


  • Narrow/wide teeth pattern
  • Hard anodised for surface colour protection
  • Available sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62 teeth
  • Higher teeth than a conventional chainring for improved chain retention
  • Large chamfer angle on the teeth to reduce noise and friction through the full range of the cassette
  • Back faces are pocketed to reduce weight
    • 56T Sram AXS 107 = 206g
    • 56T 4 x 110 = 200g
    • 56T 5 x 110 = 198g
    • 56T 5 x 130 = 192g
  • Available bolt patterns:
    • 4 x 110 BCD for Shimano (9000/9100/9200)
    • 5 x 110 & 130 BCD variants (5 x 130 BCD is compatible with the Dura-Ace 7900)
    • Sram AXS 107 BCD cranks (from 54 teeth)

Chain Ring compatible                                              

  • For chainring compatibility please take a look at our Chainring Templates V2 document
  • If you chainset has a built-in power meter please check our Chainring Templates V2​ document
  • Compatible with 10, 11 and 12 speed including SRAM flat top chains.
  • Please write a customer note at checkout when ordering Shimano 4 x 110 BCD R9200 and R8100 cranksets

SRAM flattop chain

  • We do have people running the SRAM flat top with our chainrings, although the chain may take a bit of running in.  Standard chains are 3.7 mm wide and 2.2 wide. The Sram flat top is 3.5/3.6 and 2.2.  So our rings are a little tight on some teeth to start with.
  • SRAM AXS Direct mount – the only way to use a non-proprietary chain ring is to replace the integrated chain ring and spyder with a separate spyder. Keeping the existing crank.

Cranks we fit


  • Ultegra R8000, R8100, 6800 bolt
  • Dura-Ace R9000, R9100, R9200 including power meter
  • R7000 and R8000a


  • Sram Force 22 130 (hidden bolt)
  • SRAM red 11sp 110 BCD hidden bolt exogram crankset
  • Sram AXS QUARQ spider 12s 4 bolt
  • Sram Red chainset with E-tap
  • Quarq power meter – 4 bolt Shimano 110


  • Rotor power crank – 5 bolt 110
  • Rotor Inspider


Cranks we don’t fit

  • SRAM RIVAL AXS crankset
  • Infocrank Power Meter cranks
  • FSA
  • Ultegra 6700 5 bolt – 130
  • Won’t fit SRM Power
  • Shimano cranks with Stages Power Meter 
  • Shimano cranks with 4iii Power Meter
  • Shimano crank with the Giant power meter
  • Rotor Aero
  • S-Works Power 5 bolt, 110 bcd
  • Integrated Sram x-sync AXS red aero groupset
  • Rotor 2inpower crank
When these rings are used in a 1X set up it is often essential to use specific 1X chainring bolts to fully secure the chainring to the crankarm, available to order below.  Our stainless steel chain ring bolts are the most durable option, with Allen key heads on both sides. They are supplied with a backing plate/washer for use with a 1x set up.  This helps spread the load of the nut nicely over the spyder, improving clamping force.

We recommend 8Nm of torque for chainring bolts.

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