BTA Bottle Mount Holder for D2Z Ergo Arm rests

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For triathlons and longer time trials, good hydration is key. The between the arms bottle position (BTA) is becoming very popular with our customers. It has many advantages:

  • Quick and easy access for hydration
  • Fast bottle exchange at feed stations
  • Locating the bottle between the arms does not incur a drag penalty, and in some rider positions it can actually reduce drag by 2 to 3 watts

We have designed a mount to be used with our Ergo Arm rests which holds a standard bottle cage .  Printed in a high quality, strong and slightly flexible SLS, it can cope with the bumps and vibrations seen on the road. Available in 6 widths, dependent on the spacing of your arm rests, this covers the majority of installations. There is some flexibility within the design, so it is possible to deviate by +/- 5mm for in between sizes. A bespoke option is also available if your measurements do not fit within the parameters of our off the shelf mounts.

The mount comes with two sets of mount fixings set at the industry standard 64mm, providing 20mm fore-aft adjustment. Simply bolt any standard bottle cage directly on top of the mount.


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Key Features

  • Made from MJF 3D Printed Nylon
  • Weight: approx. 40-60g (depending on size)
  • Attaches to D2Z Ergo arm rests via holes in the arm rests to be drilled by the customer.  Not compatible with any other arm rests.
  • The bottle mount holder comes in 6 sizes. See here to select the correct size.
  • All mounts have the same length and height dimensions at 100mm and 40mm respectively.
  • If you are certain of the size you require, please feel free to purchase your chosen size. If you do not currently have our Ergo arm rests, we would advise that you purchase and set up your system first. Once you are happy with the arm rest width, then you can determine which bottle mount holder size is right for you.
  • For fitting instructions see here.
  • Bottle cage not supplied

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