Width and Reach Adjustment Plate Kits


Many riders are frustrated with having to position themselves according to where the podiums on their basebar are – this does not always place the rider in the most comfortable or aerodynamic position. These new width adjustment and reach adjustment plates sit on your basebar allowing you to effectively change the position of your podiums.  Our USP system comprising of angled shim, pole clamp and Ergo poles are mounted on to the plates in one of four different positions allowing you to really make the bike fit you, rather than you fitting yourself to the bike.


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Key Features

  • Supplied as a kit including plates, angled shims and pole clamp.  Finish the set up with Hi or Low Rise poles and Ergo Arm rests
  • Plates attach to your basebar using your existing basebar bolts which locate into supplied M5 or M6 nuts plate slots
  • Made in the UK from 6082 T6 Aluminium
  • Black anodized
  • For Width Adjustment Plate key information see here
  • For Reach Adjustment Plate key information see here
  • Offers four different podium positions
  • Supplied as a pair with four nuts (M5 or M6 dependant on the size of your basebar bolts) and 4 x M6 x 10mm screws to attach angled shims to plates
  • To be used in conjunction with our angled shims and pole clamps.